5 years after his infamous 100% Galcher mix. Less than a year later after his debut album for White Material. Galcher Lustwerk reinterprets the album format again with a digital-only 20 track sprawl. Funky, psychedelic, stream of consciousness hip-house tracks + included instrumentals for the DJs.

200% GALCHER will be released digitally June 22nd.

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The Nassau Sessions were recorded in Nassau Bahamas in March of 2013 using zero analog equipment. This debut 7″ features four sedated, rum-fueled dubs by Double Pelican Man.

The sounds chosen are familiar to the Dub Reggae lexicon. Deep sub bass, guitar chords, synth bleeps and clacking percussion. All drenched in echo and reverb, each ingredient added with careful consideration to the mix. The rhythms tumble and sway confidently. Grooves are proudly extended, while the occasional overdub effect gives each track a paradoxically haunting undertone.

After inhaling these tracks, your perception of time may be altered. Seconds slowing to minutes, minutes drifting towards the open sea and out into the abyss. Suitable for a euphoric afternoon smoke or a back room deal. The Nassau Sessions will be one of the most distinguished dub EP’s you will hear this year.