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Galcher Lustwerk holds a unique place in the spectrum of electronic music. The Cleveland-born, New York-based producer / DJ makes introspective deep house music. Unlike his peers, many of his tracks feature his own original vocals. His stoned, nonchalant raps paired with stripped back uptempo dreamscapes have many calling for a hip-house revival, but Lustwerk’s unique, detached cool on the mic is what separates him from imitators.

Lustwerk originates from Cleveland, Ohio where he’s been developing his style in obscurity since the late 90s. Pulling inspiration from the region’s futuristic soul of Detroit techno and Chicago house while dabbling with various rap influences, it wasn’t until 2006 where he met his soon-to-be crew in Providence, Rhode Island that a career began to materialize. After moving to Brooklyn in 2011, friends Young Male and DJ Richard started White Material Records, a DIY vinyl label with a simple focus on quality tracks. The label, along with other outfits such as L.I.E.S. and loft party Mutual Dreaming, jumpstarted a media frenzy on Brooklyn electronic music, a push that helped expose Galcher Lustwerk and White Material to a worldwide audience.

Starting with 2013’s promo mix 100% GALCHER, Lustwerk’s music became the perfect soundtrack to an after-hours rendezvous, capturing the joy and pain of club life with all the nuances in between. The mix won several end of the year awards in the album category, and was followed by releases on White Material, Tsuba, Lustwerk Music, Ghostly International and NDATL Muzik. He’s also crafted remixes for labels like R&S, Rekids and Lobster Theremin. As side projects, Lustwerk collaborates with fellow White Material producer Alvin Aronson on the ambient techno project Studio OST and releases automotive-themed concept albums under the alias Road Hog.



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