Can't Believe (+ Dan Curtin Remix)

New York-based producer Galcher Lustwerk keeps the tempo high and the mood low-key on "Can't Believe," which arrives on the heels of his Information LP, Proof EP, and Information (Redacted), the corresponding dub/instrumentals album. A sense of peace and disillusionment informs this new one-off. Lustwerk, who has spoken out in the last year about his less than positive experiences in the music industry, rejects the rat race ("saw, it, didn’t want it”) in favor of simply living his life, exchanging the titular phrase with some other pitched-up presence as a woozy synth pattern weaves between the bass and the beat.

Driving has played a part in Lustwerk’s music and vision (he even has an alias called Road Hog) and the often solitary, hypnotic activity feels embedded in techno culture at large, especially in the Midwest. Picking up on that thread, techno legend Dan Curtin, Berlin-by-way of Galcher's native Ohio, comes correct with his I-90 to Infinity Remix, named for the long cross country freeway that runs through, you guessed it, Ohio. Urgent, disorienting, Curtin’s edit hits like a vortex opening across both sides of the median; there's nowhere to steer but through.

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Released on: June 18, 2021