Galcher Lustwerk Information cover

Bandcamp Spotify 12" Vinyl
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri @ Black Knoll Studio
Design by Justin Sloane
Photography by Collin Hughes
Released on: November 22, 2019
Now, the Information: Galcher Lustwerk’s Ghostly International debut is a clandestine rendezvous of half-dreamt nightlifes and smudged club dossiers, redacted like faded memories. Free associations on life as a recurring visitor, a deep house cover agent swaggering on and off the beat from city to city. As with most sleuthing, there are dead ends, transient (dis)engagements, faked documents, puzzles, and half-truths illuminated by strobe lights and cell phones. As he fills the file on Information, evidence suggests that Lustwerk is a singular and savvy logician.