Mixmag Track of the decade

‘100% Lustwerk’ was passed around like a sacred offering between friends who could barely believe such a perfect thing could exist. An hour long-mix of impeccable deep house tracks by an unknown New York-based producer, it made its way from nerdy conversations at club nights to trippy afterparties and became a viral underground hit. People talked about it with wide eyes and listened to it in rapture.

The mixtape emerged in 2013 as if by magic, taking listeners by complete surprise. Where had this high grade house music come from and who was responsible? Interest in Galcher Lustwerk, who had one EP to his name at the time, and the mysterious White Material imprint it was released through bubbled to a frenzy. Records sold-out in rapid time and showcases alongside label cohorts Young Male and DJ Richard were booked on the other side of the world. A loose outsider house scene emerged, powered by DIY labels and belters crafted in makeshift home studios, setting the groundwork for the lofi movement to come.

The hype whisked Galcher off on tour and fans had to wait a criminal amount of time for cuts from ‘100% Lustwerk’ to be made available on vinyl. Two 12”s finally arrived in 2015 containing gemstones such as ‘I Neva Seen’, a chemical love song that epitomises Galcher’s tuff, stylish production and ability to conjure a silky-smooth atmosphere (along with a cheeky nod to ‘Mushrooms’). The track is one of his finest, a luxurious rabbit hole of hedonism, possibility and endless groove. Seb Wheeler